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(İbrahim Korkmaz) #287

Guys, you think it’s funny, but sooner or later, @Audomarus_Fridia will kill us all! We’re in grammar zone now, he has no emotions anymore. He’s just straight up grammar natzi. we’re all gonna do a mistake at some point, and he’ll show no mercy! We have to fight! Fight against him! He’s THANOS Now! Come on, together we can survive!

(Wet Meatball) #288

I hope they remember me :frowning:

(y) #289

Amazing work.Thanx for this

(.) #291

Im bored :frowning:

(İbrahim Korkmaz) #292

What do ya usually do when you’re bored?

(.) #293

I look muhit and read the entries

(İbrahim Korkmaz) #294

… … … Maybe we should get a social life :frowning:

(.) #295


(y) #296

Now ım watching stretch on netflix.That is a animation tv show.I love this show so much

İlk okul ingilizcesi gibi böyle böyle ilerliyicem :smiley:

Im advise this show.Everyone on this topic should check it out ı think

2. cümlem doğrumu acaba

(İbrahim Korkmaz) #297


(Berk Kaynak) #298

It is an animation show.

I advise/am advising this show.

Everyone in this topic

(and this man a name) #299

%50 chance

(İbrahim Korkmaz) #300

He’d destroy 50 percent of us…

(Umut) #301


I’ve got a feeling that this topic will be very beneficial for all of us.

(Dilay) #302

Here is our social life.

(y) #303

İ havent heard that word before which is beneficial.

(Mert Özden) #304

(Berk Kaynak) #305

It means favourable, useful, efficient etc.

Socializing means being in connection with other people. Having talks and creating communication. This website is also a type of socializing.

(Xάος) #306

Correct me If I am wrong but you can’t use the verb “advise” to recommend a tv show. Berk is right about the grammar part but the verb itself is wrong in this concept. Like I said, you can use recommend or maybe another word with same meaning.

(Berk Kaynak) #307

I don’t think it is that much important. The first meaning of “advise” doesn’t cover the situation exactly, yes. But it is understood anyway. You’re right about that “Recommend” is a more regular use but we can’t say that the other one is “wrong” i think.