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(Cengiz) #328

I’m wondering, what’s your opinion to accents? To me, nicely difficult British accent. Also I’m a little interest to Irish accent. It’s really interesting. And two more, Canadian and Scottish accents. What’s your opinion?

(Umur) #329

British is alright, nice to hear.
Irish is nice to hear from Irish people but they really need to go slow with their words if they want me to understand.
Scottish, is nice. Real nice.
Never heard anybody with a Canadian accent I don’t know.
I heard, Japanese accent a couple years back… It’s rubbish. You can hardly pick the words they’re saying.

But at the end of the day, I’m always going for American ones. Not that it sounds better but that it sounds more familiar.

(falanfilan) #330

It is not a accent, it is another language.

(Umur) #331

You can guess what he’s saying, but you can never be 100% sure.

Edit: You guys wanted accents right?

(falanfilan) #332

I can understand the reporter. But the farmer with hat, there is no way i can understand i only hear 50 farty sheep and mate than it turns to German.

(LastHorseBender) #333

He must say ‘‘bırrr das das das’’ for control animals :smiley:

(LastHorseBender) #334

(falanfilan) #335

Im sorry but Irish sheep don’t know the brrr das das das. Even sheep in my country think unique.

(LastHorseBender) #336

All sheeps speaking same language. You can try and see.

(Xάος) #337

All sheeps are speaking the same language.

(LastHorseBender) #338

koruyucu melek gibisin yerim seni :smiley:

(Malumatfuruş olmayan kimse) #339

You’re like guardian angel I eat u.

(falanfilan) #340

You say that our lovely sheep is same as ecnebi sheep? I do not accept that.

(LastHorseBender) #341

Habibi dont be angry

(Geek Velet) #342

Yourselves. FTFY. :sweat_smile:
And Why are you saying “My English is so bad”. İt’s nothing to shame. That’s why we’ve opened that topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Xάος) #343

I forced him to write here :smile: So, because he was talking to me, yourself can be correct :wink:

(Geek Velet) #344


(Malumatfuruş olmayan kimse) #345

After 3 freaking hours long lecture i feel a lil dizzy. Is it an ordinary situation?

(Serhat ) #346

I need to be embarrassed if we consider my age

(Geek Velet) #347

No one needs to be embarrased because of something that they’re not capable of. Like I said. This topic is opened for us to improve our English.
Did you see any mistakes in My posts? :slightly_smiling_face: