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(falanfilan) #388

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Geekiz ama ergeniz) #389

My left heel is so purple.Fightning was’t good idea :joy:

(Ertunç Doğan) #390

Six Feet Under, The Leftovers, Rome… in short HBO’s series. I love a little bit underrated series.
I respect Star Trek and Doctor Who.

(Xάος) #391

Honestly, even if it wasn’t, if I enjoy watching it I would continue to watch nonetheless.

(Umur) #392

Nobody said it wasn’t.

“Usually.” I’m not trying to talk shit about those that are not, but in general it is a fact that they’re usually being made for kids.

(İbrahim Korkmaz) #393

I… Did not get your logic… at all…

(İbrahim Korkmaz) #394

(elif) #395

It always changes but for now Peaky Blinders and Hannibal are my favorites. Also I started watching Sons of Anarchy and I’m enjoying it. If other seasons are as good as the first one, it can be my third favorite.

(Oofman Ooflu) #396


Filler filler filler

(Geek Velet) #397

Yeah it means çizgi film. But it doesn’t have the spesifics. English doesn’t accuair the Word for çizgi film.:smile:

(Oofman Ooflu) #398

Animated cartoon

Filler filler filler

(Xάος) #399

you can just put a spoiler tag and leave the inside empty instead of writing filler :smile:

(Berkay Küçük) #400

Sir which Ultron are you talking about? Hank Pym’s or Tony Stark’s Ultron. You know Hank’s Ultron would probably beat you sir.

(Xάος) #401

You probably meant “you know hank’s Ultron would probably beat you”. Be careful about the letter “k” on “know”, k is silent but you have to write it :smile:

(Berkay Küçük) #402

I thought I wrote know :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

(Xάος) #403

Honestly, I am not very good with grammar stuff. I just read the sentences out loud and if it sound weird, it means it’s wrong(I am pretty confident with myself about that). As a result, I sometimes make the same kind of mistake, I read it out loud, it feels natural but actually there is a silent word etc. and I don’t realize it.

(Oofman Ooflu) #404

Not filler

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(Ece) #406

This is one of my favorites, too.
I love the accent that spoken in Peaky Blinders. When I watched minimum two episode in succession, I’m reading all English things I see with that accent for some time.

Nice topic

(Volkan Şahin ) #407