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(Geek Velet) #408

This topic is so underrated these days.

(Dovahkiin) #409

How did i not see this title. If i make a mistake, just warn me. Hi guys :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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(Oofman Ooflu) #411

Hello everyone!!!

(falanfilan) #412

Then its time for my only English joke.

You are a Turkish when you go to the bathroom and you are Turkish when you get out. But do you know what you are while you’re in there?

Say out loudly European

(Geek Velet) #413

I think you meant “you know what you are.”

(falanfilan) #414

Exactly dude. I wrote " you are what" in first place and it sound weird so i get rid off the are. We see that problem was not are.

(LastHorseBender) #415

I want some kebab and ofcourse oruç gg

(Liquidman) #416

My final exams are starting today. First exam is called ‘‘Civilizations of Anatolia’’ There are so many papers to read but I have slept all weekend. I think I can pass but not sure. Pray for me :pensive:

(Xάος) #417

I only have 2 finals left but I was sure I already got a F grade from one of them. Then, this morning an e-mail came from my teacher saying he opened a submission for a new assignment and this is our final chance to pass the course :smile: I guess he just saved me and plenty of others. Good luck on your finals mate!

(LastHorseBender) #418

אלוהים יברך אותך - 神の祝福が豊かにありますように - Sukka blyat. ‘‘God bless you’’ with different languages.

(Xάος) #419

Japanese one is gramatically incorrect but it’s basically something like god bless you with couple of extra words and I don’t know the meanings of those extra words. We all know what the russian one says. Ever since I opened this topic, you keep trolling people with other languages etc.
and honestly I’d prefer if you use this topic for it’s main purpose.

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You know what is normally written on this meme. I found it nsfw and found it’s clean version.

(LastHorseBender) #424

God give me some patience…

(falanfilan) #425

Im tired of exams. There are 2 midterm im my school so the process is this. First you start the school there will be 8 week with gaming, anime and sleep. After that the rape is began. You started to work 1st midterm. Next you thought you are free but no, after 2 week you need to study 2nd midterm. You get shit on and tired of reading articles that you don’t understand with your shity English. Afterwards you say “yeah man back to the gaming and anime and now i can finally meet my friends” school says no because there is homework you must do. Next week you feel relax bu you shouldn’t, there is final exams next week and you are in the summer holiday mood. And there is oruç that you have to hold. But its always seems bad at first but then you remember the saying " what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger" you know you will suffer but at the end you gain a lot of useful information.

(Xάος) #426

Hahahhhahah I feel you bro.

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