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(Liquidman) #428

There is no hope. Just loneliness :sneezing_face:

(LastHorseBender) #429

Be happy

(Geek Velet) #430

How many languages do you know?

(X峎怷) #431

I know Turkish(obviously), English, little bit of Japanese(I took 2 Japanese classes from school + anime/manga/light novel knowledge). I also took German classes during highschool but I forgot everything.

(Naenia ) #432

Whats so funny about rape jokes?

(Gazi Audomarus Fridia DCLXVI PFVV Pipinpadaloxicopolis the First) #433

He is not making a rape joke actually, he is just making the classic analogy about academic hardships by likening them to a forced sexual interaction, but I understand your sensitivity considering your past. Maybe we should be less unreserved, especially regarding such subjects @Krios

(and this man a name) #434

who remembers?

(Gazi Audomarus Fridia DCLXVI PFVV Pipinpadaloxicopolis the First) #435

I do.

(X峎怷) #436

I dont know whats the deal here but the exam system that @Krios describes is almost exactly the same with mine and I can relate with how he feels. I was happy that I found a comrade in arms and as a result I laughed and told him that I can relate to what he said. I dont know why I offended you but rape is a commonly used metaphor when you describe heavy work load so I believe its only natural that he used it and I found it funny. In the end, this topic is a place for practicing our english and thats why we try to use idioms, metaphors etc. to make our english more fluent. Anyways, sorry for any inconvenience on my behalf.

(marko) #438

Hi there, I just discovered this topic, so, this is my enterence. Yeah. Bye then.

(Malumatfuru olmayan kimse) #439

You forgot to drop the mic dude.

(marko) #440

I dont like mics, it kills your voice quality.

(Malumatfuru olmayan kimse) #441

I like mics but dont use them for say something.I use them for something else :wink:

(~L) #442

Id like to have a chat with everyone that is here, but I dont really have a topic in my mind to discuss. Would you consider me as a friend here, and let me chat with all of you time to time?

(falanfilan) #443

The topic is cool but isnt sustainable(what a fancy word) because most of the English speakers in Turkey are not very good at explaining themselves so do i. For ex on the upper side of this topic there is a argue about the joke that i made but i couldnt answer because i couldnt translate the words in my mind. My sentences might be long but they are very basic and full of with gramer mistake. I think if we push ourselves harder it ll be better for our explanation skills.(i dont even sure that there is determination like that explanation skills?)

(A man without hearth) #444

I think gramer mistakes are not so important. So many person in USA or England not using gramer perfectly . We need to focus speak clearly and fluently.

(X峎怷) #445

I agree. I am frequent on many english-only platforms such as reddit and most native speakers cant even differentiate your from youre :smile:

I want to help people improve their english skills, but I cant find a new subject to talk everytime this thread went silent. Other people have to take initiative, unfortunately.

(~L) #446

Id love to see our boldness to have a role in our sentences.
In my defence, using simple/basic sentences while chatting shouldnt be seen as a bad habit. Of course, using rarely-used words could support your sentences to a higher level, but it doesnt mean you have to use them in particular.
And if you are looking for an improve in your explanation skill, you can talk to someone who is good at English or talk to yourself. But if youre insisting on having improved sentences by meaning of higher vocabulary level, then you can/should read essays that contains academic level of English.

(falanfilan) #447

You are absolutely right. Its much necessary(insert doge here) to speak with other for improving language its bad that we do not have enough courage express ourselves. Maybe we need more confidence.

I do but its not easy, i understand about 50% of it. Probably i have to try constantly.

But that way its first time that it see you welcome to muhit, you should be new comer or you changed your profile picture i did not knew most of the peoples name i recognize they frome their picture (:

(~L) #448

Well, you can say that I am a rookie, I attended here in January. But yeah, I changed my profile picture.
By the way, its totally natural to have a hard time while reading an essay that contains academic level of English, but as you mentioned, you should read frequently to get used to the level.