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(falanfilan) #449

You changed your picture already :neutral_face:

(Geek Velet) #450

We always say “Don’t leave this topic alone.” but in the end, we always do. What should we do about this?

(Xάος) #451

Like I said before, if someone starts a conversation, I will join.

(and this man a name) #452

Language is english ok but feelings are turkish this is the problem.

(Wet Meatball) #453

I would answer that but im gonna take a nap sorry

(Yusuf Kangur) #454

You’re right but doesn’t it make us have to translate our comments.

(Xάος) #455

No, that conversation was about the title and the first post of this topic. If a person who doesn’t know english finds this topic, he can read the first post and leave. That’s it.

(falanfilan) #456

I have hard questions in my mind. I can buy batman arkham knight or i make myself kıymalı börek party. I have been thinking about this since morning.

(Yusuf Kangur) #457

Batman is over 80 years old he will wait you but kıymalı börek won’t.

(Wet Meatball) #458

Kıymalı borek is nearly 2000 years old mate

(Xάος) #459

There is no big deal here, the answer is kıymalı börek party.

(Yusuf Kangur) #460

Yeah. You too,probably.

(Geek Velet) #461

Oğlum şaka mısınız tabii ki de Arkham Knight.

(Yusuf Kangur) #462

Our titlle is english mate and you should keep it that way.

(falanfilan) #463

But ege i heard a lot of saying that arkham knight not good as previous games. And i have enough game to play right now. Life is pushing me towards kıymalı börek. But life just push not give unfortunately i can’t find any börek store that open. All of them closed because of the bayram. Feelsbadman

(Kürşad the Falcone) #464

Arkham Knight can take you Gotham. Kıymalı börek can take you anywere you want.

But seriously, of course Arkham Knight.

(falanfilan) #465

Jsjsjajaahahahahahah. This is kıymalı börek man not lsd :D.

(Kürşad the Falcone) #466

If you eat enough, its more powerfull than lsd.

(Umur) #467

What kind of magic are you talking about?

(Kürşad the Falcone) #468