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(The Dude) #491

Have u ever heard that “esmiyor”?

(nam-ı diğer) #492

There are people giving speeches at the Nobel acceptance ceremony and you can’t understand a freaking word they say due to their thick accents. Arnold has spent his entire life in America, during which he became a fucking governor and he still talks like a caveman. If they don’t care enough to force themselves into speaking “correctly”, you shouldn’t even bother.

(Gazi Audomarus Fridia DCLXVI PFVV Pipinpadaloxicopolis the First) #493

I’m out of likes.

(Kürşad the Falcone) #494

I guess that’s because of English language is the world’s language now. I mean people don’t try talking English language like a British or American, because this language isn’t belongs to just them anymore. So, everyone talks English in their own way.

(meta) #495

Moreover, that helped him to elect actually.

(nam-ı diğer) #496

How so? (20,yazıyla twenty)

(meta) #497

I mean, his accent made him who he is. Not despite of it. If he spoke english perfectly, he wouldn’t be this iconic.

(nam-ı diğer) #498

Oh right, obviously. His is one of the most parodied accents of all time, for sure.